Toy Puppies For Sale

A Faithful Dog

A Faithful Dog will Play with You
   And Laugh With You – Or Cry –

 He’ll Gladly Starve to Stay with You
Nor Ever Reason Why.

 And when You’re Feeling Out of Sorts
Somehow He’ll Understand.

 He’ll Watch You with His Shining Eyes
And Try To Lick Your Hand.

 His Blind, Implicit Faith in You
Is Matched By His Great Love,

The Kind That All of Us Should Have
In the Master, Up Above.

  When Everything is Said and Done
I Guess this Isn’t Odd,
For when You Spell “Dog” Backwards,
You Get the Name of “GOD”!

I hope you have many Healthy, Happy, and Blessed years with your Puppy; who will LOVE you UNCONDITIONALLY!!! 



Why is a Mi-Ki the puppy for me?

The Mi-Ki (pronounced "me-key") is a rare, small, toy breed. They make wonderful, loving family pets that are devoted companions to people of all ages. The average size of my adult Mi-Ki is 3-8 pounds, even though the standard is 3-10 pounds. They have hair instead of fur, so shedding is minimal and grooming is a breeze, taking only 20 or so minutes.

Mi-Kis are wonderfully intelligent, as well as very, very sweet. They make calm companions, especially when leaving the house and traveling through the world with their human friends. Mi-Kis enjoy accompanying their humans on errands. They are content to sit in a large handbag and watch the world go by! They will remain calm as you go about your day and simply be happy accompanying you. Of course, many people wanting to meet your cute companion will stop you and inquire about whether or not the Mi-Ki is “real.”

Mi-Kis get along very well with other animals, including both dogs and cats -- as well as children -- making them wonderful pets for families. They will naturally fit into your family life and soon become beloved members of the family that you cannot imagine your life without! They bring joy to everyone they meet!