Gayla Vieta


This purchase agreement is Between Gayla Vieta (seller) and 

___________________________________________________________________ (buyer).

Delivery Date:______ / ______ / __________. WHELP DATE:______ /______ /________. 

Gayla Vieta agrees to sell the above mentioned buyer,the following described puppy:

COAT COLOR AND TYPE: ___________________________________________________________

BREED: Mi-Ki  SEX:  ________  NAME OF PUPPY________________________________________

DAM:  __________________________________________________________________________   

SIRE: _____________________________________________________________________


REGISTRATION:  _________________________  Breeding Right’s Fee $_______________

Price of this puppy is $_________________ Payable 7 Days prior to the delivery (unless other arrangements have been agreed upon between the buyer and seller).Deposit paid:______   

PAID BY: Cash_______________ Cashier Check_______________ Check________________ 

PayPal_____________ Venmo______________ Zelle____________ Balance due___________

   Seller: Gayla Vieta

5500 S. 157th St. W.

Clearwater, Ks.  67026


Buyer: Name and Address





A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is required to reserve a dog/puppy.  When funds are paid in full, then $300.00 of this is considered the deposit towards final payment due.  The deposit is only refundable if Genetic or Congenital defects are determined prior to delivery / pick-up of the puppy. Your choice is to be decided when the puppy is 6 weeks old.

Buyer purchases this puppy with the following conditions:  Buyer is purchasing this puppy as a pet only___________ (initial).  The following conditions apply:  The buyer agrees to neuter / spay this puppy at or after 10 months of age.  Buyer agrees that under no circumstances will this pet be used for breeding, nor will it be given or sold for the purpose of breeding.

Buyer is aware that the seller cannot guarantee size, ear set, or coat color _____. (initial)

Seller does not guarantee against accidental damage of the puppy after delivery / pickup. Buyer; will NOT sell, trade, or give puppy to a Broker,Commercial Retailer, or Pet Shops,etc 

Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 7 days after delivery / pickup.  If upon examination (verified by veterinarian performing examination) the puppy is found to have a genetic/congenital defect not detected prior to delivery/pickup, the buyer agrees to take / send the puppy back for a replacement of another puppy of equal value and same sex, whenever one is available from the seller.  All shipping costs of puppy exchanges will be the responsibility of the buyer.  Executed this day ______ / _______ / __________.

This is a legal document between the buyer and seller, regarding all issues stated in the  guarantee.  If litigation is needed, it shall be held in Sedgwick County; Wichita, Kansas.

Gayla Vieta guarantees that this puppy is vet certified to be in good physical condition at the time of delivery / pickup, and further guarantees that for 1 year after the date of purchase of the puppy, it has no known hereditary life threatening diseases.  There will be no cash refunds for buyer or buyer's vet bills.  Gayla Vieta does not guarantee any puppy against illness that can be obtained after the puppy leaves her care.  This guarantee does not cover against what may be found in any / all breeds; such as coccidia, giardia, ear mites, ticks, fleas, stress related illnesses such as hypoglycemia, worms, or parasites of any kind.  This guarantee does not cover parvo or puppy disease which may be contracted while in the new owner's care; nor lose hip / knee (which is not a serious condition affecting how the puppy walks), nor hernias which any breed can obtain.  We have taken all measures to make sure the puppy is healthy and has none of these conditions before he / she goes to their new home.  It is up to the buyer to continue with a program against any or all these conditions.  Never allow a vet to give more than 1 shot at a time.  After 3 puppy shots are given by a vet; PLEASE have your vet draw blood and do Titer Tests which will show immunity that can last 7 to 10 years with NO need for any more vaccines except Rabies shot every 3 years because it is a state law.  DO NOT ALLOW THE VET TO GIVE A RABIES SHOT UNTIL YOUR PUPPY IS 6 MONTHS OLD.  If your puppy is given a lot of vaccines, it is dangerous, toxic, and can trigger medical problems and tumors.  Any veterinary bills incurred after the purchase of the puppy will NOT be paid by Gayla Vieta.  Thank you very much for purchasing one of our puppies - we hope you enjoy your new puppy, as they will give you years of joy!!! 

BUYER_________________________________ SELLER_________________________________