Mom, Baby (4 lbs) is due May 13th, 2024!

Mom, Lollipop (7 lbs) is due

April 16th, 2024!

Contact me to reserve your Mi-Ki.

Possible Dads with Cupcake are Cocoa Bear (6 lbs) 

and Gizmo (5 lbs).

Call 316-303-5655

Possible Dads with Willow are

Cocoa Bear (6 lbs) and Remi (4 lbs).


Mom, Willow (7 lbs) is due

April 18th, 2024!

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Please check out our beautiful puppies and contact

Midwest Mini Mi-Ki's with any questions.

Available Puppies

Possible Dads with Lollipop

are Cotton (7 lbs) and Skid (7 lbs).

Possible Long and Smooth Coat, Parti and Solid Colors.

Possible Dads with Penny are

Cocoa Bear (6 lbs), Gizmo (5 lbs), and Jack-Jack (5 lbs).

Mom, Penny (6 lbs) is due May 17th, 2024!


Deposits being taken NOW!Please call Gayla at 316-303-5655 or email me at

Possible Dads with Baby are

Cocoa Bear (6 lbs) and Gizmo (5 lbs).

Mom, Cupcake (4 lbs) is due May 15th, 2024!