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The Mi-Ki Pure breed is a lovely breed that makes wonderful family pets. They are sweet and gentle with people of all ages, and are intelligent companions that will become treasured members of your family.

I became interested in Mi-Kis while looking through a copy of Dog Fancy magazine. After researching them and talking to breeders, I purchased the first of my Mi-Kis. I treat my Mi-Kis as my family pets first and foremost, and then as the mothers and fathers of my puppies. I offer several litters of Mi-Ki puppies for sale each year.

I am different from other breeders because my Mi-Kis are truly part of the family. My puppies are treated with love and care from the day they are born, and are ready to join your family as beloved and treasured family companions.  Health testing of my parents for their eyes, heart, and patellas must be completed after they are a year old and pass before they are qualified for breeding.  They each have DNA, Proof of Parentage, and are registered with AMRA, IMR, and UKC.

I carefully study pedigree and each mating is planned to produce quality, healthy puppies for the Mi-Ki Breed. My Mi-Kis are from national and international champion bloodlines. The pedigrees on my Mi-Kis can be traced back to the original foundation stock with bloodlines to the “MOST TITLED MI-KIS” in the history of the wonderful Mi-Ki Breed – 2005.

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